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Accessible Beauty

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Fashion, for me, has always been a happy place. Since when I was a kid, I have always mixed and matched different clothing and colours.

I used to pick my own clothes.
On the left, a very young me.

Looking back at the past, I have always used fashion as an extension of my own personality. When bullies at school were trying to look up my skirt I would have to put trousers under to defend myself, I used to wear my favourite lipstick to have more confidence during my exams at university, I would go to music festivals and wear vintage clothing with crazy hair and make-up just because I loved that style with the musicians and the environment that comes with the scene. I could carry on forever and ever...

I was not following trends or respecting any colour rules.

I was doing whatever made me happy at the time.

Fashion today has become an inspiring place where brands start to express and celebrate differences in skin colour, body shape, and gender-fluid of their consumers.

Beauty standards are out of date!

Of course, some brands hesitate to break the current stereotypes; however, we can notice a general improvement in body positivity and inclusion. Everyone deserves the right to self-express themself using fashion, it is great to see fashion designers have begun to notice the limitation of a conventional view of fashion.

You can read more about this here.

This is how I have started to think about glitter and the artistry behind makeup. It should be accessible to everyone as it is non-other than an art-form.

On the first day of set, I got inspired by the glittery lights and the sparkles coming from my makeup artist's bag. I thought to use that for a photoshoot showcasing different kinds of beauty and genders with crystals and gems. I strongly believe that glitter and the art of makeup should be accessible to everyone. With “Covered in Glitter”, I hope to spread the idea that you are beautiful and unique no matter how you look like or what gender you are.

I am honored that Cherrydeck, an amazing platform for creative professionals, decided to select my work in the Project Spotlight section in their blog. You can read the full article here.

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