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My Job Should Not Include Abuse

I keep reading of models sharing their sexual assault experiences these days.

So disappointing.

Especially I couldn’t ignore the story shared today by @laubsd

I know it’s really hard to share those stories and I stand in solidarity with the victims of sexual harassment especially in the fashion industry, where I work.

I am a photographer and I believe it's our job to stop the vicious cycle of representing women as sexual objects, and most importantly, when we are on set, all the team should be compassionate in seeing another human being uncomfortable with poses or nudity.

There is no room for sexual harassment, abusive conduct, or assault in the creative process of making an image.

Please keep sharing your stories. We are here to support each other.

Please in case of need contact Through Model Alliance Support, they assist working and aspiring models with complaints about inappropriate on-the-job conduct, agent issues, and other work-related problems.

if you would like to have more info, click here.

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