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The slowness of time

Looking out the window these days I wish I was somewhere else. Perhaps it is a common condition for everyone to want summer in winter and viceversa. Don't get me wrong although I love summer, winter also has its charm. The autumn sunlight, the long walks wrapped in a warm coat but also knowing that you are safe while it rains incessantly outside. I believe, however, that this year my nostalgia derives more from not being able to go anywhere.

I can't help but think back to that beautiful photoshoot I did not long ago at Seven Sister Cliffs on the south coast of England.

For most of my life I have lived in the countryside and after moving to London, I have always felt the need to go looking for locations poised between land and sea. With this in mind, my two models and I drove to the dreamy white cliffs of Seven Sister.

I love driving with loud music to new places. When we got there, the girls and I couldn't believe our eyes: it was even better than the photos we had seen before.

I tried to make the models understand the importance of feeling in contact with nature, the autumn months offer us reflection and calm and I wanted to convey these emotions in my photos.

Historically, in countryside life, October was the budget month after the whole summer spent harvesting.

The nature around us is loaded with empty and silent space that welcomes a new life to come, something that is preparing a birth.

We should harmonize, as the ancients did, with these seasonal rhythms in order to better appreciate these inner states typical of autumn.

The human being needs this season to embrace introversion, the slowness of time, a certain silence in the air, an attention to the value of our time on earth.

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